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Our Body Politic (KCRW/NPR)

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Coping with COVID-19


All Praise, No Pay

Today Explained byVox 

How Medicaid and Obamacare Drive Voting
Science of Politics Podcast
Groundbreakers (part 1)
No Jargon Podcast
Fragmented Democracy
The Death Panel Podcast
Fragmented Democracy
The Majority Report with Sam Seder
Fixing Medicaid in a Fragmented Democracy Trending Globally (Watson Institute)
The Politics of Medicaid
Off-Kilter Podcast
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The Week in Medicaid
The Week in Health Law
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Trump Administration Proposes to Change SNAP
Central Time (Wisconsin Public Radio) 
Fragmented Democracy
New Books in Political Science
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Expanding Voting Rights
Counterspin Podcast
The Overlooked Section
No Jargon Podcast

Television & Video

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Audio Commentary beginning at 5:22
Medicaid Explained: Why It's Worse to be Sick in Some States than Others (Vox)
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Rotating Panelist
The Ivory Tower (PBS/WCNY)
Voting While Black (CUNY TV)
Segment Begins at 21:25

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